Spiritual Inspiration

When we’ve lost hope and feel that the world has closed in on us, in a sense that is exactly what has happened. The physics behind this is intriguing. As our light grows dim and the ambient energies surrounding us move closer, those external energies can actually enter our aura and exist, within us. Other people’s thoughts, beliefs and feelings then become intertwined with our own. The unbearable feelings we may be experiencing, may not have fully originated from within. Even though this is a discouraging place to be, it is one that willingly offers us growth.

What can we do to protect ourselves? In theory, the answer is very simple. Grow our light until it fills us up, until it cannot even be contained within our being. As it spills out into our aura, a layer of protection from lower psychic forces envelopes us and prevents negativity from affecting the spiritual vibration of our being.

If this is true, then how do we do it? The answer may be less inviting. Most would prefer to be able to instantly attach to hope, insist that all is well, and resist the encroaching negativity. But this approach does not connect us with our deepest Self and can make us even more vulnerable to a chaotic world. It doesn’t offer true protection.

What spiritual adepts and saints have known for ages is that a purification process for the soul can allow us to exist in a world, and not be of that world. We can exist as a witness to suffering, without having to embody that suffering. It just requires us to see from a higher perspective.

If we maintain a consciousness from above this world, seeing through an illusion that snare others, we are freed from its suffering. When we become aware of the part of us that exists in a world of light, we are no longer bound by the rules of a grounded life in the Earth. We do not have to align our beliefs with the mainstream population, be at the mercy of forces outside of ourselves and drawn into behaviors that do not serve us. Spiritual Inspiration is the result of balancing ourselves in two worlds, with our feet in the Earth and our head in the Heavens.

A disturbing thought to some, it is actually our own negative energies that are seeking resonance when we begin to lose consciousness of ourselves. We are attracting that which is still within us. By taking a look at our own darkness, we destabilize it. Simply by acknowledging it, it grows weaker. Many Eastern Religions offer methods to learn how to experience a oneness with God and release attachment to the Earth Self. Native American and other Indigenous teachings offer the spiritually cleansing Vision Quest. Western Religions suggest fasting and prayer. But there is always a way to step back, and up, to maintain a higher vision . . .


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