Spiritual Dreams

I have always found that the indirect methods of raising your consciousness have an overall greater impact on inducing lucidity in dreams than do the direct techniques. Here are a few factors that can be practiced throughout the day that can dramatically increase lucidity in spiritual dreams and out of body travel:


Become a witness to your life. Have a part of your consciousness that just watches yourself throughout the day – be aware of your actions and behaviors. Simply become conscious of your actions, choices and your body’s physical movement. And if you see yourself behaving in a way that you do not like, spend time considering your motivations.

Spend time alone in contemplation. Take time to be with yourself—alone and without distractions if possible. No telephones, internet or reading material. A few minutes in quiet can reveal things that you may have wanted to avoid seeing. Learn to bask in solitude.

Encourage yourself to feel and in particular, feel fear that exists within. By taking fear out of the unconscious realm and making it conscious, you cleanse your soul and change your destiny. Unconscious fear has a dramatic effect on the future, your internal life, and peace of mind.

Try to live in a state of Gratitude, staying or becoming conscious of how many wonderful things that are already in your life. I don’t force this attitude on myself. But if I am not feeling grateful, I begin asking myself questions to discover why.

Spend time in the Natural World. Whether in the forests, Gardens, near the Ocean or simply in one’s backyard, we receive earth energy from the land and its flora. An hour walking amongst nature can shift our consciousness and make us more receptive to receiving impressions from the higher worlds.

Become Environmentally Responsible. In our consumption of the planet’s resources, it’s easy to use or support products and endeavors that harm ourselves, other people and the planet. By unconsciously participating we lower our own consciousness, inhibiting our spiritual growth and conscious dream work.

Thinking of your Higher Power several times throughout the day. Even if just for a moment, this practice has a dramatic effect on your consciousness and spiritual dreams. Ask for help in understanding anything that troubles you.


These items affect lucidity by raising your consciousness. As a result, more light enters your being and your body raises in vibration. In time, the result is that you rather naturally and effortlessly are able to stay conscious during some pretty amazing spiritual dreams. If you are more conscious when awake, you are going to be more conscious in dream experiences when asleep.

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While I don’t expect everyone to have the same results, a reader just informed me that she read and practiced items in the above list during the day, read from White Eagle’s Gentle Brother, and met her recently deceased father later that same night . . .


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