Sleep Paralysis

Currently one of the most discussed topics related to dreaming, sleep paralysis is also one of the least understood. The Mystic’s doorway into the higher worlds, the paralysis state can become a treasured experience, once understood and the physical body is properly prepared to receive its intense vibrational forces.

The experience is simply the result of quickening, the body tuning into receive the intense vibrations of heavenly realms. For some, a state of complete bliss – and for others, sheer terror. So how does one person resonate with the experience, while others resist? It’s about vibrational resonance.

If the dreamer has completed the spiritual purification work necessary for entrance into the higher realms before these intense energies are directed upon us, every cell in the body will vibrate in unison, in Oneness with the Universe. There will be no resistance and the result is that a direct path of communication is established with one’s higher power.

But if there are too many lower energies within the body, or specifically spiritual wounds that prevent our being from changing its frequency to vibrate with the higher worlds, severe discomfort results. What is experienced can be something as simple as discomfort and suppression, to feelings of restraint and doom, or much worse. The darker aspect of paralysis can result in enough resistance to open doors to lower worlds, where demonic forces can arise and enter our personal space. Some dreamers report sensations of being paralyzed, unable to move while seeing horrific visions.

Why does this phenomenon occur?

Regardless if we are having a light filled experience or a traumatic one, there is great purpose in such an event. In many cases, our guides and spiritual teachers have decided it is time for us to feel the pull of awakening, to attain more consciousness in our lives. These nudges toward a higher life, even if experienced negatively, still lead us to becoming more aware of ourselves. A negative experience most definitely shows us that there is darkness that exists within us, as without that corresponding darkness inside, darker forces outside of us would not be able to manifest in such close proximity.

Imagine a glass of water, how you can tap the rim with a spoon sending shockwaves throughout. Concentric circles of vibration can be seen forming on the surface as all of the molecules vibrate in harmony with the wave created from the tapping. Every molecule participates…

Now let us add something denser than water into the cup, perhaps an ice cube that floats just below the surface. Now when we tap the rim, the vibrations are disrupted. Instead of the water’s surface vibrating in harmony, waves are bouncing off the cube – the ice is unable to vibrate at the same frequency as the water. This of course, is the analogy for what occurs when darkness is within us. Untruths, fear, wounds – all resist the vibrations of the higher world’s energy descending upon us. And this incongruence and suppression can result in an uncomfortable sleep paralysis, turning a mystical experience into a torturous one.

The darkness within, can have many sources. We may carry wounds from past lives that exist only in our subconscious minds, resulting in unconscious PTSD that we have carried into our current physical life. Or they also might be from internalized and fragmented trauma from childhood, or even recent experiences in the current life. When we experience something that is too overwhelming for us to emotionally face and deal with, the mind can just shift the awareness from the trauma, fragmenting it from the body and our consciousness. In some cases, it can be severed so well that it no longer physically makes an impact on us. Even so, it still resides in our light body where it will remain with us till released, even following us into future lives. This energy is what can prevent us from blissfully enjoying sleep paralysis.

So how does one remedy this, to become more resonant with these vibrations?

The answers are found in any work that helps us to change our own vibration. Eastern philosophies teach many spiritual practices – simply think in terms of sound and vibration. Massage, chiropractic, reiki, drumming, and sound healing are all practices to change the vibration of the body. They do this by helping unconscious fear, stored in body, vibrate loose and rise to the surface where it can be released. There are many other spiritual healing modalities, like entering a personal vision quest, participating in a sweat lodge, dreamwork, contemplation and journaling. Writing in particular induces consciousness.

You may have experienced, in this mystical state (or even a hazy dream) light being sent into your body from the heavens. (The only difference between the paralysis state and a hazy vision, being the amount of consciousness directed into you.) This is yet another way that the coarser energies in our body are broken up to free us. The light interacts with darkness within our body, transmuting its energy so that it may be released. Our allies in spirit are often working on us unconsciously in order to awaken our vision.

But all of these modalities have one thing in common, in that they break down the coarser molecules in the light body, into finer ones. This resulting purification allows the soul to enter higher spaces in the ethers where vibrations are much smoother. When one’s spiritual vibration can become smooth enough to enter these higher realms, one is then truly gifted with celestial visions.

Developing a spiritual practice, a daily routine of activity that stimulates and grows our awareness during our waking hours, change the vibrational frequency of the body and simply make us more resonant with these frequencies. The result is that this seemingly traumatic paralysis state, returns to its original purpose – acting as a corridor into the higher realms of life and experience. And what we might find there, is far more grand than words could ever describe.

Magic awaits . . .





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Spiritual Inspiration

When we’ve lost hope and feel that the world has closed in on us, in a sense that is exactly what has happened. The physics behind this is intriguing. As our light grows dim and the ambient energies surrounding us move closer, those external energies can actually enter our aura and exist, within us. Other people’s thoughts, beliefs and feelings then become intertwined with our own. The unbearable feelings we may be experiencing, may not have fully originated from within. Even though this is a discouraging place to be, it is one that willingly offers us growth.

What can we do to protect ourselves? In theory, the answer is very simple. Grow our light until it fills us up, until it cannot even be contained within our being. As it spills out into our aura, a layer of protection from lower psychic forces envelopes us and prevents negativity from affecting the spiritual vibration of our being.

If this is true, then how do we do it? The answer may be less inviting. Most would prefer to be able to instantly attach to hope, insist that all is well, and resist the encroaching negativity. But this approach does not connect us with our deepest Self and can make us even more vulnerable to a chaotic world. It doesn’t offer true protection.

What spiritual adepts and saints have known for ages is that a purification process for the soul can allow us to exist in a world, and not be of that world. We can exist as a witness to suffering, without having to embody that suffering. It just requires us to see from a higher perspective.

If we maintain a consciousness from above this world, seeing through an illusion that snare others, we are freed from its suffering. When we become aware of the part of us that exists in a world of light, we are no longer bound by the rules of a grounded life in the Earth. We do not have to align our beliefs with the mainstream population, be at the mercy of forces outside of ourselves and drawn into behaviors that do not serve us. Spiritual Inspiration is the result of balancing ourselves in two worlds, with our feet in the Earth and our head in the Heavens.

A disturbing thought to some, it is actually our own negative energies that are seeking resonance when we begin to lose consciousness of ourselves. We are attracting that which is still within us. By taking a look at our own darkness, we destabilize it. Simply by acknowledging it, it grows weaker. Many Eastern Religions offer methods to learn how to experience a oneness with God and release attachment to the Earth Self. Native American and other Indigenous teachings offer the spiritually cleansing Vision Quest. Western Religions suggest fasting and prayer. But there is always a way to step back, and up, to maintain a higher vision . . .


For more information about Spiritual Inspiration and Purification, you can visit my Spiritual Dreaming Site or read about the Vision Quest.



Spiritual Dreams

I have always found that the indirect methods of raising your consciousness have an overall greater impact on inducing lucidity in dreams than do the direct techniques. Here are a few factors that can be practiced throughout the day that can dramatically increase lucidity in spiritual dreams and out of body travel:


Become a witness to your life. Have a part of your consciousness that just watches yourself throughout the day – be aware of your actions and behaviors. Simply become conscious of your actions, choices and your body’s physical movement. And if you see yourself behaving in a way that you do not like, spend time considering your motivations.

Spend time alone in contemplation. Take time to be with yourself—alone and without distractions if possible. No telephones, internet or reading material. A few minutes in quiet can reveal things that you may have wanted to avoid seeing. Learn to bask in solitude.

Encourage yourself to feel and in particular, feel fear that exists within. By taking fear out of the unconscious realm and making it conscious, you cleanse your soul and change your destiny. Unconscious fear has a dramatic effect on the future, your internal life, and peace of mind.

Try to live in a state of Gratitude, staying or becoming conscious of how many wonderful things that are already in your life. I don’t force this attitude on myself. But if I am not feeling grateful, I begin asking myself questions to discover why.

Spend time in the Natural World. Whether in the forests, Gardens, near the Ocean or simply in one’s backyard, we receive earth energy from the land and its flora. An hour walking amongst nature can shift our consciousness and make us more receptive to receiving impressions from the higher worlds.

Become Environmentally Responsible. In our consumption of the planet’s resources, it’s easy to use or support products and endeavors that harm ourselves, other people and the planet. By unconsciously participating we lower our own consciousness, inhibiting our spiritual growth and conscious dream work.

Thinking of your Higher Power several times throughout the day. Even if just for a moment, this practice has a dramatic effect on your consciousness and spiritual dreams. Ask for help in understanding anything that troubles you.


These items affect lucidity by raising your consciousness. As a result, more light enters your being and your body raises in vibration. In time, the result is that you rather naturally and effortlessly are able to stay conscious during some pretty amazing spiritual dreams. If you are more conscious when awake, you are going to be more conscious in dream experiences when asleep.

For more in-depth information about spiritual purification, visit my Spiritual Books page.

While I don’t expect everyone to have the same results, a reader just informed me that she read and practiced items in the above list during the day, read from White Eagle’s Gentle Brother, and met her recently deceased father later that same night . . .


The Vision Quest

An act of seeking balance . . .

During stressful periods of our lives, it is easy to become absorbed in an outer physical life and lose touch with the inner world. If this happens, we can believe what is happening outside of ourselves is more important and more real than what is going on inside. A very unstable position to be in, we can unconsciously begin to act in accordance to external beliefs, societal beliefs, and not our own values.

When people accept an external focus, they begin to model themselves after what they see in the outer world. They begin to lose touch with their own uniqueness.

But the vision quest turns this around by placing our attention back on the inner world. In a vision quest, we are faced with our feelings, our desires and our conscience.

A frightening proposition for some, as if we live our lives without paying attention to our internal world, it’s easy to become divorced from our own values. Entering a vision quest could cause us to have to face an internal mess, if the culture in which we live encourages an externally focused life. But for many the choice is clear, that a balanced life is a requirement for an inspired life, as well as physical health.

I personally want to live in a state of consciousness where I am more focused on internal guidance than what is found externally and the vision quest places your awareness back into the internal world.

For more reading, visit my article Vision Quest Ceremony for an example of how to prepare for and undertake a personal vision quest.