The Vision Quest

An act of seeking balance . . .

During stressful periods of our lives, it is easy to become absorbed in an outer physical life and lose touch with the inner world. If this happens, we can believe what is happening outside of ourselves is more important and more real than what is going on inside. A very unstable position to be in, we can unconsciously begin to act in accordance to external beliefs, societal beliefs, and not our own values.

When people accept an external focus, they begin to model themselves after what they see in the outer world. They begin to lose touch with their own uniqueness.

But the vision quest turns this around by placing our attention back on the inner world. In a vision quest, we are faced with our feelings, our desires and our conscience.

A frightening proposition for some, as if we live our lives without paying attention to our internal world, it’s easy to become divorced from our own values. Entering a vision quest could cause us to have to face an internal mess, if the culture in which we live encourages an externally focused life. But for many the choice is clear, that a balanced life is a requirement for an inspired life, as well as physical health.

I personally want to live in a state of consciousness where I am more focused on internal guidance than what is found externally and the vision quest places your awareness back into the internal world.

For more reading, visit my article Vision Quest Ceremony for an example of how to prepare for and undertake a personal vision quest.



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